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How It Works

WineShark is a beautiful, intuitive wine aerator that works through the process of hyperaeration, meaning that instead of pouring through it you use it to actively agitate the wine in the glass to incorporate oxygen and make the wine taste better.

1. Insert Shark

Pour yourself a glass of wine and insert the end of the WineShark so that the propeller is completely submerged.

2. Shark It

Press and hold the power button for 6-8 seconds. You will begin to smell the aromas of the wine.

3. Spin Dry

Lift the end of the WinShark so that it is above the wine but still inside the glass. Press and hold the power button for just 1-2 seconds to dry off the blades.

4. Enjoy

You just incorporated up to 6 times as much oxygen as you would have using our competitors’ products.  Your wine should be perfectly aerated and ready to enjoy!

Why It Works

The WineShark is quite simply the most effective, fun, and easy-to-use aerator on the market.  Want to know what it does and why it is better?  Check out the links below.

What is aeration?

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine and noticed that the last glass tastes better than the first?

This is because of aeration. Wine drinkers know that wine, especially red wine, is better when it is aerated, which is just a fancy word for exposing the wine to the air.

Why should wine be aerated?

Wine is made up of 100’s of chemical compounds that are created naturally in the fermentation process. Most of these are good but some are less desirable, such as:

  • Sulfites, which can smell like burnt matches
  • Sulfides, which can small like rotten eggs
  • Ethanol, which is actually the fun part of the wine but, when over-concentrated in a newly-opened bottle, can taste and smell a bit like rubbing alcohol
  • Tannins, which make the wine taste dry and cause your mouth to feel puckered and chalky
  • Carbon dioxide, which can mask the other good aromas of the wine

All of these are fine in the right proportions but but can become a little overpowering after a wine has sat in a bottle for several years.

Exposing wine to the air does two things:

  1. It “softens the flavor” of the wine by causing the more volatile undesirable compounds to evaporate
  2. It “opens the bouquet” of the wine by releasing the wine’s aromas

Put more simply, aeration makes wine taste better.

What is an aerator?

An aerator is a device used to accelerate the aeration process – that is, to get air into the wine more quickly.

Why do I need an aerator?

If you are patient, you can open a bottle of wine a wait….and wait….and wait….and eventually the air will come into contact with the wine enough that aeration will happen naturally.

Why should I buy the WineShark?

The WineShark is quite simply the most effective, fun, and easy-to-use aerator on the market.  It is also the only aerator you can use after the wine is already in the glass, after you realize that it could benefit from aeration.

Throughout history, a wide-bottomed decanter has been the most common method used for aerating wine – pour the wine from the bottle into the decanter, wait several hours, and the wine will be properly aerated.  This increases the surface area of the wine so that it is exposed to more oxygen so it is a bit faster than leaving the wine in the bottle, but just a bit.

Many new aerators have come onto the market in recent years. Most work by increasing the surface area of the wine so that more of it comes into contact with the air.  Most of them are “pour-through” devices that incorporate oxygen as wine is being poured from the bottle into the glass.  They all exhibit some of the same problems when compared to the WineShark:

  • Not as effective
  • Can be messy to use
  • Awkward to use
  • Difficult to clean
  • Must decide to use before pouring the wine

The WineShark solves all of these problems.  It is fast, easy, fun to use, extremely effective, and you can use it after the wine is in the glass.

Buy Now

So what are you waiting for? Buy your WineShark today and start making good wine taste great and great wine taste greater!

WineShark white table
Final - white BGIMG_2618-1 - resizedwineshark tiltWine Wand removal 1Removable Wand

WineShark Red Wine Hyperaerator

5 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)


  • The first ever hyperaearator: a wine aerator that actively agitates the wine in the glass to incorporate oxygen and make the wine taste better
  • Simple to use: just pour yourself a glass and “shark it” for 6-8 seconds to immediately enjoy all the flavors of your favorite wine
  • Up to 6 times more effective than other aerators
  • Highly durable – will tolerate regular and prolonged use
  • Agitation wand is detachable for dishwasher-safe cleaning and easy travel
  • Powered by long-lasting rechargeable battery; charged using standard micro-USB cable (included)
  • Package contains 1 WineShark Red Wine Hyperaerator, 1 micro-USB cable, and 1 USB AC adapter (US)
SKU: WS001

Product Description


Because life is too short to drink bad wine…  Wait Less.  Wine More.

Everyone knows that in order to properly enjoy wine, you have to let it breathe. The problem is that this process takes too much time! WineShark is committed to simplifying wine enjoyment so that our customers need only focus on the pleasurable aspects of drinking quality wine.

No more waiting for conventional decanters to fully open up wine!

No more drips from using handheld aerators!

Turn GOOD wine into GREAT wine! DOUBLE the VALUE of your wine INSTANTLY!

  • Dramatically improve your wine’s aroma, texture, and flavor
  • Fun to use, great conversation starter
  • Beautiful and elegant design guaranteed to impress
  • Ergonomic design, easy to use and even easier to clean

The WineShark Red Wine Hyperaerator will bring the BEST out of your wine in every glass!

The WineShark’s agitation wand injects air directly into the wine, instantly releasing aromas and flavors.

A quick spin after use ensures that the WineShark is clean, dry, and ready to be placed on the counter or table.  You don’t need to worry about wine stains AT ALL!

To clean, simply pull the agitation wand from the motor assembly and rinse with warm water. No more build-up of gunk in your aerator!  The wand is even dish-washer safe.

We KNOW that you will love your new aerator. But if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money back with no exception. LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

The WineShark Red Wine Hyperaerator is On Sale for a Limited Time Only!

Click The ADD TO CART Button Right Now And Get Your WineShark Today!

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 6 in

5 reviews for WineShark Red Wine Hyperaerator

  1. 5 out of 5


    LOVE THIS! I can’t say that I am an expert in wine. I love wine. I drink it. I enjoy it. I don’t wait for it to “breathe”. I do know enough to be able to tell you that the WineShark did exactly what it promises to do. It made my wine taste better. It’s simple to use. Fun actually. It’s attractive to keep on the bar or on the counter and the removable “wand” is dishwasher safe. The Wineshark? the best thing to come along since the corkscrew.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Ordered this through the Kickstarter campaign. After a long wait, it finally arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve used it with every glass of wine since. We used to decant our wine or use a pour aerator, but the difference even between those methods and this is pretty significant.

    Bonus: It is also very easy to use and easy to clean.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Love this aerator. It’s easily the most efficient one I’ve used and I’ve seen plenty that are far more expensive. Couldn’t be happier with the product.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely amazing. I was pleasantly surprised when I used the wine shark for the first time. It really does make wine taste better in only a few seconds. Cleaning and charging is hassle free. My wife and I never drink a glass of wine without first using the wine shark, it’s simply that good!

  5. 5 out of 5


    We were backers on Kickstarter and were really pleased to finally get the item. We bought two extra for wine snob friends who originally were “oh, another aerator.” But once they pressed the button and saw it work they were over the moon! It really is much quicker and does the job more completely then standard aerators. Plus, if you have a dorky group like ours, the Evenrude motor action in a fancy Riedell wine glass is just too much fun. I think people poured smaller glasses just to aerate more often. No joke! If I had one suggestion, some kind of small rest for the arm would be great. Everyone is very concerned about the blades (since that is the most important). I took jewelry modeling clay and make a rest to set under the arm and keep the blades up, we well as catch any small drips. But charging (no batteries!) is a fabulous feature. I wish my wine opener had that instead of batteries.

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